Donation Caging and Data Entry

We provide flexible direct mail response donation processing with data entry services to nonprofits and charities throughout the country. Partnering with us for donation processing allows nonprofits and charities to focus on key strategic business priorities such as donor retention and acquisition, while benefiting from the latest technology.

Our staff members are trained to handle each gift with the utmost care, accurately gathering all the details on any given remittance. We combine manual and automated methods with advanced data capture and image recognition. A single consolidated file containing online, phone, cash, check and credit card donations processed by us is distributed to you daily for automatic uploading into your donor system.

We deposit checks electronically to any bank in the country. With our funds clearing product you receive 100% next day availability and in some cases reduced banking fees and float.

Supplemental Donation Processing Services Open

Partnering with a vendor for gift processing is a difficult decision, especially for organizations that have a productive in house operations environment. This is why we offer supplemental donation processing services that work in conjunction with your internal donation processing. This is especially effective during peak seasons when you may struggle to stay on top of volume and/or staffing needs. Whether overflow, acquisition, sweeps, or in house campaigns, we can assist with what makes sense for your organization.

Credit Card and Cash Handling Open

Accepting credit cards can allow you to reach a broader donor base. Following PCI standards, our staff processes donations remitted with credit card information.

We utilize a leading-edge "smart safe" to securely and accurately handle cash donations. The smart safe is the same type of currency counter used in the cash processing centers of banks and armored carriers. The smart safe verifies the currency, checks for counterfeits, and automatically tracks the cash deposit.

Electronic Donations Open

Make the giving process easier and provide a steady revenue stream to your organization by allowing donors to sign up for automatic recurring donations. Offer one-time online donations for the convenience of your donor. In addition, with WAUSAU processing both your paper and online donations you receive a single consolidated file for automatic uploading into your donor system.

Data Entry and Reporting Open

Your donors have a lot to say and capturing every detail is essential to your success. Our experienced staff members treat each gift with the utmost care, accurately gathering all the details on any given remittance. Data entry includes standard information such as enrollee, tribute names, address, email, and phone number. Other data entry may include notes, campaign codes, and fulfillment requests, to name a few. Our servicing flexibility coupled with our proprietary caging database gives you control over what information is reported back to you. Our onsite technical staff can easily produce custom reports or programs to match your needs.

Online Image Archive Open

Easily provide check images to donors, research exception items, or query Major Gifts with seamless online access to your data through our secure proprietary donation archive, iWEB™.

iWEB is an ideal research tool and assists with the elimination of photocopies and paper storage. Images of the front and back of all remitted documents, correspondence and checks are available online 30 minutes after end of day processing.

Development, accounting and fulfillment staff can easily query images of donations by campaign number, process date, donor identification number, amount, sequence or batch number, check number, or checking account number.

Acknowledgment Letters Open

Make a personal connection with your supporters. Send a prompt and personalized thank you letter to your donor and let them know their gift makes a difference.

Our printing and mailing service focuses on accurate and timely turn around. We process donation acknowledgment letters weekly, so your donors are never left wondering whether their gift was received and appreciated. Our knowledgeable programming staff can help you precisely target letters through the use of multiple acknowledgment letters based on donation type.