Item Processing

Partnering with us for check processing eliminates the need for capital expenditures for hardware, software, and personnel. We provide secure, flexible, customized solutions that integrate into the existing infrastructure of your institution.

Check Processing Open

Our check processing services provide quick and accurate item processing from receipt, to proof, to image capture and statement processing. Our facilities are fully image-enabled and SSAE 16 (SAS 70) audited, with redundant processing capabilities.


We receive and process incoming electronic cash letter items from the Federal Reserve or other presentment points and provides daily inclearing transmissions to the client or their data center.

Forward Check Collection

We process daily outgoing cash letter items for both real time and batch clients and provides daily POD transmissions to clients or their data centers.

Image Cash Letter

Our entire capture, forward collection and return collection processes are electronic. This allows for faster processing of checks with fewer errors, while accelerating check clearing. We perform settlement and cash letter adjustments on behalf of our clients.

Remote Deposit Capture Open

We provide capture solutions for financial institutions and their merchant/corporate customers. Using custom applications, deposits are scanned at a branch or business, securely transmitted to our operations systems, balanced, and processed.

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Open

FISCapture Mobile allows financial institutions’ customers to securely deposit personal or business checks with a camera-equipped smart phone. The service integrates into the financial institutions’ existing mobile banking app for single sign-on convenience.

The product includes a comprehensive risk monitoring tool, including duplicate detection, and automatic image correction. In addition it confirms that images meet accepted image-quality standards. All transactions are transmitted with multiple layers of security.

Image ATM Open

With our image ATM product your customers can choose how and when to make a check deposit. Image ATM allows your customers to make envelope-free check deposits at your image enabled ATM. An image of the check is displayed on-screen and on the receipt, allowing the customer to verify the deposit.

Online Image Archive Open

Easily provide check images to customers or query items with seamless access to your data through our secure proprietary online image archive, iWEB™.

iWEB is an ideal research tool and assists with the elimination of photocopies and paper storage. Bank customers can view images through your online banking system with the use of our API product, allowing for a single sign on solution.

Your staff can easily query images using a variety of criteria including date, amount, sequence or batch number, check number, teller number, or checking account number.