Lockbox Processing

We provide automated lockbox processing services to help you manage incoming payments, reduce exceptions, and streamline the receivables process. We transform payments into data so you can have speedy access to information from paper receivables and faster access to funds. Our onsite technical staff has the expertise and resources to format data files for seamless upload to your A/R system. In addition, we deposit checks electronically to any bank in the country. With our funds clearing product you receive 100% next day availability and in some cases reduced banking fees and float.


Retail and Wholesale Lockbox Open

Retail Lockbox is designed for high volume, low dollar payments that can be completely automated through the use of a scan line and consistent coupon size. Typically invoices processed for utility, oil, municipalities, insurance companies and hospital self pays would be handled through retail lockbox.

Wholesale Lockbox is designed for organizations that require keying of data that is not automatically recognized by scanning equipment. These types of remittances are typically more complicated, require manual review and do not have a scan line. Invoices processed for oil delivery slips, healthcare, and manufacturing would typically be handled through wholesale lockbox.

Remote Lockbox Open

Remote Lockbox allows you to manage stranded payments received by walk in customers or payments mailed directly to your field offices. This web-based product allows you to scan checks and remittance documents at the location where they are received and transmit them through a secure Internet connection to us for processing.

Remote lockbox benefits include the elimination of mail float and transportation costs, more efficient workflows, reduced preparation time and effort, reduced check processing and banking fees, faster notification of returns and fraudulent items, and sending payments on your schedule, without leaving the office.

Multiple PO Box Locations Open

We perform daily pickups at a number of locations throughout New England. We can set up locations anywhere in the continental US depending on your organization's preference.

Online Bill Pay Open

When paying their monthly bills, consumers want to be able to pay when and how they prefer. Our electronic bill presentment and payment product gives your customers several options, including payments made through a checking or savings account, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

In addition, when we process both your paper and online payments you receive a single consolidated file for automatic uploading into your accounts receivable system.

Online Image Archive Open

Easily provide check images to customers, research exception items, or query payments with seamless access to your data through our secure proprietary online image archive, iWEB™.

iWEB is an ideal research tool and assists with the elimination of photocopies and paper storage. Images of the front and back of remitted documents and checks are available online 30 minutes after end of day processing.

Customer service staff can easily query images of donations by invoice number, process date, account number, amount, sequence or batch number, check number, or checking account number.